"Easy way of saying telekinetic."
Cassie Holmes describing Movers.[src]

Movers are a type of psychic that can identify the specific atomic frequencies of a given material and alter the gravitational field around it, which can cause the space around it to appear distorted, similar to a heat wave or sonic wave, but only if it exerts enough effort and force. This gives them a form of telekinesis, the ability to seize, grasp, push, pull, throw and otherwise move targets without physical contact. They channel this ability through their senses and/or with bodily movements and gestures. They are also capable of generating glowing, concussive shockwaves in this manner, the shockwave of which is a visible manifestation of gravity being altered by the Mover. Their ability makes them one of the most powerful psychics.

Art of Moving[edit | edit source]

"Moving" consists of two different forms, levitating and propelling.

Levitating[edit | edit source]

Nick Gant using the levitate form of moving.

The most basic part of moving is levitating. This involves moving an object and hovering it above or near the body. No glow emulates as it is not powerful enough to do so.

To move with levitation can be used to move objects of relatively small proportions. Movers who are not masters of moving regularly use this rather than propell, as they do not know how to emulate the power and force to propel objects. Some of these lower class still can muster up the strength when needed.

Levitating can also be used to do a lesser extent of propelling, in which a mover can simply throwing, chucking, or otherwise launching a target, but without explosive force or a glow.

Propelling[edit | edit source]

Victor moves Nick onto a wall.

The more powerful means of moving is by propelling, which, if large enough force and effort is exerted, manifests as a concussive shockwave with a spiraling glow. The shockwave exerts explosive force to repel, launch and blast targets and can even be used as a force field that deflect projectiles. Also, the shockwaves can be generated through physical contact and attacks, allowing a Mover to enhance how hard they hit. Mostly, though, it does not, and is actually a very simple form.

The basic of all moving forms, propelling relies on either actually propelling someone or something into the air, or simply moving someone upward and around. This gives the feel of control of the person, almost leaving the person a puppet, although the mover is actually simply moving the person away or around.

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