The Division, set up in 1945, is a government agency in the United States that tracks, captures, and experiments on people who possess psychic abilities in an arms race for superhuman powers. Each psychic is categorized into various groups based on what powers they have.

Decades later, Agent Carver pursue two Movers, teenager Nick Gant and his father Jonah. Jonah is killed, but Nick escapes.

Years later, they have developed a drug that can boost psychic abilities. Unfortunately, all of the test subjects die until a Pusher named Kira survives. She escapes and flees to Hong Kong, stealing a syringe of the drug. Among other psychics, they have a Watcher named Sarah imprisoned. Her daughter, Cassie, seeks to free her, and works with Nick and Kira to steal the drug.

Known Members:[edit | edit source]

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